Daiichi Bungalow

Bungalow is a type of one storey house originating from India, began to appear in the seventeenth century, usually desidned in a separate, small area and have quite simple structure. Initially, this type of house was built as a residence of sailors from England. Type of bungalow has been imported into Vietnam in recent years. With a relatively large area requirement, Daiichi Group would like to offer you a different type of resort in Cat Ba - coastal area, just to have an ideal resort, natural Daiichi group’s bungalow is now being improved into a more beautiful, comfortable and comfortable house. The materials used to build the bungalow are usually: wood, rattan, bamboo.. There is also a place to receive guests, workplaces, storage areas, bedrooms, saunas... The area of the bungalow. The bungalow is usually about 1000 m2.

Daiichi Group’s bungalows in Cat ba are often referred to as bungalows in luxury 4 and 5 stars resorts. They have a luxurious living room wwith leather or upholstered sofas, natural wood furniture, chandeliers...There is a bedroom with King size bed, nice view, breakfast at bed... bathroom with sauna, jacuzzi, sound system, high - quality TV...