Half Day Discover The Cannon Fort In Cat Ba

 Half-Day Cannon Fort Discovery in Cat Ba
Cannon Fort, nestled in the heart of Cat Ba, was once a wartime fortress and air defense site constructed by the Japanese army. Today, it stands as a captivating historical site, drawing numerous visitors with its grandeur and historical significance


15:30: Pick up visitors from Cat Ba town and proceed to the base of Cannon Fort mountain.

15:45: Begin the ascent to Cannon Fort.

Marvel at the breathtaking views of the pristine forests of Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay. Indulge in a snack and refreshing beer.

18:00: Descend from the fort and return to town. Guests can choose to walk, bike, or enjoy a scenic ride back and later gather for a lively BBQ party by the poolside, accompanied by music.

20:30: Conclusion of the tour.


  • Pick-up and drop-off services throughout the itinerary.
  • Entrance tickets to Cannon Fort.
  • Expert guidance from fluent English-speaking guides.
  • Dinner.
  • Refreshing drinking water, cold beer, and snacks during the sunset session.


Beverages ordered separately.
Travel insurance.
Personal expenses and gratuities.

Booking Methods

- Book through the WhatsApp/ Hotline: +84 961 004 709

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About the Cannon Fort
Cannon Fort, also known as Point 177, stands as a significant historical landmark on the picturesque Cat Ba Island in Vietnam. Established in 2010, this site has become a magnet for tourists, offering a profound glimpse into the island’s history and acting as an educational hub for visitors of all ages, both local and international.

Historical Significance:
Perched atop a hill, Cannon Fort boasts large cannons and an intricate network of underground tunnels dating back to the 1940s. This strategic location provided commanding views of both the mountains and the sea, playing a pivotal role in the Vietnam Wars alongside the Cat Ba army. Today, it stands as a testament to history, displaying artifacts like cannons, ammunition depots, and soldiers’ belongings, allowing visitors to connect with Vietnam’s past.

Exploring Cat Ba’s Beauty:
A visit to Cannon Fort offers more than historical insights. It provides a unique opportunity to admire Cat Ba’s natural splendor from various vantage points. The site serves as a cultural haven, offering a profound contrast to the island’s pristine beaches, making it a must-visit destination after indulging in beach activities and cruises.

Getting There:
To reach Cat Ba from Hanoi, travelers can opt for trains, buses, or private transfers to Hai Phong, followed by a ferry or speedboat ride to Cat Ba Island. If arriving from Halong Bay, ferries or speedboats from Tuan Chau Port to Gia Luan Port provide convenient access. From Cat Ba Town, a short 10-minute journey takes visitors to Cannon Fort’s entrance gate. Whether hiking or riding a motorbike for 20-30 minutes, the paths are tourist-friendly, offering picturesque scenery along the way.

Exploration Activities:
Cannon Fort invites visitors to delve into its historical depths, with underground tunnels waiting to be explored and well-preserved relics awaiting discovery. The site also features a terrace cafe for moments of relaxation and a small museum for deeper insights into Cannon Fort’s rich history.

Unforgettable Views:
The highlight of Cannon Fort is undoubtedly the large binoculars perched at its peak, offering a breathtaking panoramic view. Visitors can gaze upon the enchanting landscapes of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba’s enticing beaches, creating lasting memories of their journey.

Embrace the captivating blend of history and natural beauty at Cannon Fort, where every visit promises a remarkable experience.
Join us for an unforgettable journey through history and nature, exploring the Cannon Fort and soaking in the scenic beauty of Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay. Book your adventure now!
Option Price
Group from 4-10 person 800.000 vnđ/ pax
>10 person 750.000 vnđ/ pax


- Ideal for individuals aged 12 to 45, in good health, with a passion for exploration and physical activities.

- Minimum group size: 2 guests.

- Regrettably, individuals with a history of cardiovascular, blood pressure, or respiratory issues cannot participate.


Customer-initiated cancellations:

- Immediate cancellation after booking incurs a 10% tour price fee.

- Cancellation between 10 and 15 days before departure: 30% tour price fee.

- Cancellation between 5 and 10 days before departure: 50% tour price fee.

- Cancellation between 3 and 4 days before departure: 75% tour price fee.

- Cancellation within 0-2 days of departure: 100% tour price fee.

- Holidays or festivals are non-refundable, non-changeable, as per policy.

- In case of adverse weather conditions, if the tour proceeds and a customer cancels, a 100% tour price fee applies.

Company-initiated or force majeure cancellations:

- If Daiichi Travel cannot conduct the tour, customers will be promptly notified and receive a full refund within 3 days.

- In cases of force majeure (e.g., natural disasters, epidemics, transportation disruptions), Daiichi Travel will refund or reschedule the tour based on customer preference, with pricing subject to current service rates.
Note When Booking Tour Trekking 

1. Check the Weather: Monitor the weather forecast before your trip and bring a raincoat or appropriate jacket if needed, especially during the rainy season.

2. Appropriate Clothing and Footwear: Wear comfortable clothing and choose sturdy footwear such as hiking boots or quality sports shoes to protect your feet.

3. Map and Guidance: Ensure you have a detailed map of the area or closely follow the guidance of your tour guide.

4. Departure Point and Timing: Confirm the correct departure point for the tour and the departure time. Arrive early to avoid missing the departure.

5. Safety: Follow the safety instructions of your tour guide and stay with the group.

6. Leave No Trace: Leave minimal or no traces of your presence in nature. Use designated trash disposal areas for waste.

7. Environmental Protection: Protect the natural environment by not cutting trees, collecting plants, or harming wildlife.

8. Health and Medical: Check your health before the trip and bring any necessary medications if you have any medical conditions. 

9. Tour End Time: Ensure you understand the tour’s ending time to arrange transportation back to your accommodation or departure point.