Full Day Kayak Adventure: Discover Hidden Lagoons & Unreachable Place

Discover Hidden Lagoons, Dark & Light Cave, Ba Trai Dao, and Unreachable Places by Boats
Highlight of the tour


Cat Ba - Lan Ha Bay


 Full Day


 Daily departure


 Daiichi Bus + Boat


800.000 vnđ


Dive into the mystical allure of Lan Ha Bay through our "Lan Ha Bay Kayak Tour." Immerse yourself in the wonders of hidden grottoes and secret caves, embark on a unique adventure through the enigmatic Dark & Light Caves, and discover the extraordinary beauty of the Ba Trai Dao Islands. Accompanied by our team aboard the Daiichi Cruise, you’ll engage in thrilling activities such as kayaking through marvelous waterways, joining a sunset-watching party at sea, and exploring off-the-beaten-path locations by unique boats. Let us guide you on an endless journey to uncover the pristine beauty of Lan Ha Bay. Your every step will be meticulously cared for, leaving you with unforgettable memories.


8:30 AM:
Welcome aboard! Our team will pick you up and take you to Cai Beo Harbor for check-in on the Daiichi Cruise. Get ready for an exhilarating day of exploration!

9:00 AM:
Set sail to the kayak point nestled within the mysterious caves. Venture into the depths of Dark and Light caves, uncovering hidden wonders. With expert guidance, guests will navigate inaccessible areas by boats, discovering pristine beach lagoons, and even rowing deep into the heart of the Light Cave.
12:00 PM:
Return to the comfort of the cruise and indulge in a delectable lunch. Afterward, we’ll dock at Ong Cam’s coconut garden, where you can enjoy the natural sweetness of refreshing coconut water.

2:00 PM:
Embark on a kayaking expedition around the enchanting Ba Trai Dao Islands. Explore the breathtaking lagoon, marvel at the crystal-clear waters, and soak in the untouched beauty of the surroundings.
3:00 PM:
Join us back on the cruise for a magical sunset-watching party. Witness the sun casting its golden hues across the horizon, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

4:00 PM:
Relax as the cruise gently sails back to Beo Harbor, allowing you to reflect on the day’s adventures and absorb the tranquility of Lan Ha Bay.
5:00 PM:
Our Daiichi Bus will safely transport you back to your hotel, marking the end of your unforgettable journey.


Tour Includes:

  • Cruise Ship: Enjoy the day aboard our well-equipped and comfortable cruise ship, your gateway to Lan Ha Bay’s wonders.
  • Entrance Tickets: Access the hidden gems of the bay with included entrance tickets to various attractions.
  • Transportation: Seamless transportation from your hotel to Cai Beo Harbor and back, ensuring a stress-free experience.
  • Kayaking Service: Dive into the adventure with our top-quality kayaks, allowing you to explore Lan Ha Bay up close.
  • Tour Guide: Benefit from the expertise of our knowledgeable tour guides, who will enhance your experience with insights and stories.
  • Lunch on the Cruise Ship: Delight your taste buds with a sumptuous lunch served on board, featuring a variety of delectable dishes.
  • Embark on this remarkable kayaking journey with us and uncover the hidden treasures of Lan Ha Bay. Book your adventure today and let the beauty of nature captivate your senses.


Beverages ordered separately.
Travel insurance.
Personal expenses and gratuities.

Booking Methods

Book through the WhatsApp/ Hotline: +84 961 004 709

 Book via email: sale@daiichitravel.com

Book a tour or get advice through the fanpage: Daiichi Travel

 Book tickets on the website: www.daiichitravel.com

Embark on this remarkable kayaking journey with us and uncover the hidden treasures of Lan Ha Bay. Book your adventure today and let the beauty of nature captivate your senses.
Option Price
Group from 4-10 person 800.000 vnđ/ pax
>10 person 750.000 vnđ/ pax


- Ideal for individuals aged 12 to 45, in good health, with a passion for exploration and physical activities.

- Minimum group size: 2 guests.

- Regrettably, individuals with a history of cardiovascular, blood pressure, or respiratory issues cannot participate.

Customer-initiated cancellations:

- Immediate cancellation after booking incurs a 10% tour price fee.

- Cancellation between 10 and 15 days before departure: 30% tour price fee.

- Cancellation between 5 and 10 days before departure: 50% tour price fee.

- Cancellation between 3 and 4 days before departure: 75% tour price fee.

- Cancellation within 0-2 days of departure: 100% tour price fee.

- Holidays or festivals are non-refundable, non-changeable, as per policy.

- In case of adverse weather conditions, if the tour proceeds and a customer cancels, a 100% tour price fee applies.

Company-initiated or force majeure cancellations:

- If Daiichi Travel cannot conduct the tour, customers will be promptly notified and receive a full refund within 3 days.

- In cases of force majeure (e.g., natural disasters, epidemics, transportation disruptions), Daiichi Travel will refund or reschedule the tour based on customer preference, with pricing subject to current service rates.
  Note When Booking Tour 

1. Check the Weather: Monitor the weather forecast before your trip and bring a raincoat or appropriate jacket if needed, especially during the rainy season.

2. Appropriate Clothing and Footwear: Wear comfortable clothing and choose sturdy footwear such as hiking boots or quality sports shoes to protect your feet.

3. Map and Guidance: Ensure you have a detailed map of the area or closely follow the guidance of your tour guide.

4. Departure Point and Timing: Confirm the correct departure point for the tour and the departure time. Arrive early to avoid missing the departure.

5. Safety: Follow the safety instructions of your tour guide and stay with the group.

6. Leave No Trace: Leave minimal or no traces of your presence in nature. Use designated trash disposal areas for waste.

7. Environmental Protection: Protect the natural environment by not cutting trees, collecting plants, or harming wildlife.

8. Health and Medical: Check your health before the trip and bring any necessary medications if you have any medical conditions. 

9. Tour End Time: Ensure you understand the tour’s ending time to arrange transportation back to your accommodation or departure point.