Unlocking the Allure of the Lone Tree in Ha Giang’s Mountainous Terrain

 Unlocking the Allure of the Lone Tree in Ha Giang’s Mountainous Terrain

In the land of blooming rocks, the lone tree in Ha Giang (also known as the solitary nghiến tree) has become a sensational social media check-in point in recent years. If you get a chance to visit, embark on the newly exploited route from Quan Ba to Yen Minh for a mesmerizing experience.

Introduction to the Lone Tree in Ha Giang

In the high mountainous region of Ha Giang, one can discover dreamlike spaces with hidden wonders along the winding roads. Then, on a beautiful day, travelers might find themselves pausing at a lone, shaded, and cool tree in the vast sky. This is the solitary tree in Ha Giang.
Just this sight alone is enough to captivate and create melancholic, picturesque images with the sky as the backdrop. The lone tree in Ha Giang, with its unique charm, stands as a magnet for adventure seekers who appreciate novelty. It’s no longer lonely but always bustling with people who come to capture photos and admire its beauty.

  • Location: QL4C, Can Ty, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

The lone nghiến tree is situated on the newly exploited route from Quan Ba to Yen Minh. This unique tree is located in Can Ty commune, Quan Ba district, near the Lao Chai kindergarten. However, keep in mind that it is not on National Highway 4C but on the new route leading to Yen Minh town. This is why many first-time visitors to Ha Giang may find it challenging to locate this super-hot check-in spot.
Image: The lone nghiến tree is located in Can Ty commune, Quan Ba. Photo: Đẳng Hoà

Directions to the Lone Tree in Ha Giang

The journey to visit the lone tree in Ha Giang begins from the city center and follows National Highway 4C. After traveling about 40 km, you’ll reach Quan Ba town. Standing under the Quan Ba sky gate, you can gaze down at the vast valley with golden fields lying beneath the Quan Ba twin mountain. The swaying rice stalks in harmony with the breath of the earth make every passerby want to stop and admire this magnificent scenery. Travelers can stop at the Quan Ba gas station, fill up a full tank, and then drive another 2 km to reach a crossroads. Here, take the direction to the community tourism village of Nam Dam, and drive a little further to Trang Kim village, famous for its legendary pho. Don’t forget to try this Ha Giang specialty when passing by and fuel up for the next part of your journey.
Image: Many backpackers love to come here for check-in.

Once you’re recharged, continue driving for about 2 km to reach the Can Ty Bac bridge crossing the Mien River. A few dozen meters after the bridge, you’ll see a sign on the right indicating the way to Yen Minh. If you continue straight on the old 41 km road, it won’t take you to the lone tree in Ha Giang. If you want to reach this coordinate for check-in, turn right onto the new 22.6 km road.


Exploring the Beauty of the Lone Tree in Ha Giang

The large, solitary tree amid the vast expanse of Ha Giang’s sky has become one of the most sensational lone trees in northern Vietnam and is increasingly appearing on travel forums. No one knows when this nghiến tree came into existence or how many years it has weathered, but it still proudly stands amidst the sun, wind, mist, and the vast expanse of Ha Giang’s sky. It can immediately capture the attention of anyone passing by for the first time.
Image: A distant view of the lone tree. 

The most distinctive feature of the lone tree in Ha Giang is its considerable size, with its trunk growing firmly near the deep and profound cliff, next to the winding mountain road with tall rock walls. This very factor has made it a favorite check-in point for many enthusiastic travelers.
As you travel along the road, you can admire the scenery of clouds weaving around the mountains. 

Key Points to Note When Visiting the Lone Tree in Ha Giang

First and foremost, travelers should be aware and prioritize having a strong grip on the steering wheel when driving in Ha Giang. The mountainous roads in Ha Giang have numerous sharp turns and steep slopes, so having a sturdy and familiar grip on the steering wheel is essential to prevent accidents.

Additionally, when traveling, choose sports shoes with soft soles for easy movement or climbing. Remember that in Ha Giang, there are often rocky stretches along the road, so if you are faint of heart, avoid climbing up for photos.
Image: The lone pine tree in Ha Giang stands diagonally against the sky. 


The lone tree in Ha Giang has become a symbol of the region’s majestic beauty, attracting adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Plan your journey with these insights to experience the allure of this iconic lone tree that stands as a testament to the breathtaking landscapes of Ha Giang. Capture the unique moments, savor the scenic views, and make memories that will last a lifetime.